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Fascinated by the Ori Tahiti since her teenage years, Marguerite Lai learned and practiced the dance of her Tupunas.

In 1986, she created the group O Tahiti E, a name chosen to echo the ancient appellation « Otaïti » on the maps of the first western explorers.

In 1997 and 1998, her dance group won the 1st price Hura Tau during the traditional singing and dancing contest, the Heiva.
The following year, she presented her show ‘’Te Pakerere’’ at the Heiva, thenceforward she found her work exposed at the universal exhibition of Hanovre.

Nonetheless, thanks to ‘’Te Manu a Fenua’’ in 2005 and ‘’Te Tapuni’’ in 2012, they added two other titles of the Best Entertainment Hura Tau to their prize list.

After a long time of reflexion, her passion brought her to resign from her job in 2003 in order to fully dedicate herself to the group.
Today Marguerite is a role model for Polynesian women. She’s passionate about a culture that she protects, promotes and shares. Marguerite is often member of the jury at the Heiva I Tahiti and also vice-president of the Tahitian Federation of Ori Tahiti.

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