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We provide the best lessons of Tahiti Dance online. Our trainers are all professionnals from Tahiti, and won different contests, including the Heiva. After applying to our videos, you access to one new video every week, 52 videos a year ! You don’t need to be at a special level to apply. You’ll get training tools from the basics to the experts techniques.

Here find few samples of our videos…


Title : Basic Steps Part 1

Duration : 8 mins

Trainers : Tuarii & Teruria

Moves : Varu, Ami, Ori Opu

Title: Pa’oti Variations

Duration : 6 minutes

Trainer : Tuarii

Move : all variations of the “Pa’oti”

Title : the variation of the Fa’arapu

Duration : 5 minutes

Teacher : Teruria

Have fun!




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