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Tumata Robinson is an outstanding personality of the Ori Tahiti. Born in 1954 from an American Navigator father and a Sino-Tahitian mother, she found a way to stand out among others thanks to her different creativity skills, her tenacity and hard work.

She started learning the technics of traditional dance with the dance group Paulina in her early ages.
At 21 years old, she created her own dance group called Tumata Tahiti. Thereon, in 1984, the group performed at the Heiva, and won the Best Costume prize.
From that moment, she has performed, taught and designed costumes for some of the most popular Tahitian dance groups for instance O Tahiti E. She also co-founded Les Grand Ballets de Tahiti in 1998 with Lorenzo Schmidt and Teiki Villant.

What’s more, in February 2008, she created her dance school Tahiti Ora, a Polynesian Entertainment Company based in Tahiti, which is one of the most exceptional Polynesian dance group known worldwide. The group won the Heiva I Tahiti edition 2011 and 2014 in the Hura Tau category.
Well known for their dance techniques, Tahiti Ora is certainly the group that has the largest wardrobe of handcrafted costumes.

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